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The Spring Session (April-June 2009) has been canceled due to insufficient registration.



Modern Movement is a recreational modern dance class designed by Lisa Sandlos to be enjoyable and comprehensive, yet challenging for adults with little or no dance experience. Classes include exploration of movement principles, warm-up, centre exercises, and combinations traveling across the floor, as well as group improvisation and stretches. The focus of the class is to experience the exhilaration of dancing while learning to move your body both expressively and efficiently.

Who Teaches the Class?
All of the teachers have backgrounds as professional dance artists and performers, and have considerable experience teaching modern dance to various levels and abilities. Teachers featured may include Vanessa Kimmons and Meghan Giusti, and Lisa Sandlos.

How Many People Attend the Class?
A minimum of 10 students are needed to run a class for a full session. The maximum number of registered students per class is 15**.

How Much Does it Cost?

Registration for 10-class session$169
Drop-in rate$19 per class (cash only please)

Warming Up
It is recommended that you arrive ten to fifteen minutes early to warm up on your own. You are advised to engage in some aerobic activity (ie. jogging on the spot, jumping jacks, swinging your arms, etc.) to increase blood circulation, followed by some gentle stretching. Warming up will prepare you for class both physically and mentally, and helps to prevent injuries.

Please inform the instructor before class if you are experiencing any injuries. They may be able to advise you about proper care and healing. Please note that neither Modern Movement nor its instructors can be held responsible for injuries sustained in class. Students are advised to work within their physical limitations. If an injury is sustained, be sure to apply ice immediately to prevent swelling, and to seek appropriate medical attention.

What Should I Wear?
Wear clothing that is comfortable for all types of movement, such as leotards and tights, leggings, or unitards. Bring layers of extra clothing (ie. sweatpants, warm shirt, socks) for before and after class in the winter months. Baggy clothing is not recommended for class because it may interfere with the teacher's ability to observe the alignment of your body. Modern dance is generally done barefoot.

Body Care After Class
Stretching on your own is advised. The best time to stretch is when your muscles are warm - right after class or following a warm shower or bath. Drink lots of water to move lactic acid through your system and prevent muscle soreness and stiffness.

Learning More About Modern Dance
Martha Graham, Isadora Duncan, Merce Cunningham, Doris Humphrey, and Jose Limon were all pioneers of modern dance. If you are interested in learning more about modern dance, Theatre Books at 11 St. Thomas Street (south of Bloor; between Yonge & Bay) is a great place to browse or buy. Some titles you may look for are Blood Memory by Martha Graham, Isadora by Fredrika Blair, Dancing Spirit by Judith Jamison, Dance to the Piper by Agnes de Mille, and Push Comes To Shove by Twyla Tharp.

About Meaghan Giusti
Meaghan Giusti, is a dancer, choreographer, rehearsal director and arts administrator. Originally from Sudbury, Ontario Meaghan came to Toronto and received a bachelor's and master's degree from York University's Dance Program. During her studies at York she was an ensemble member and rehearsal director for the York Dance Ensemble where she had the pleasure of working with Susan Cash, Holly Small, Yvonne Ng and Andrea Nann. Meaghan presented her choreographic work throughout her studies at York as well as at the fFiDA International Dance Festival, the Toronto Fringe Festival, Vessel Dance Projects, Eros, Thanatos & the Avant-Garde and Earthdancers. Meaghan also works as a coordinator for the Dance Department at George Brown College.

About Vanessa Kimmons
A recent graduate of the Dance program at York University, Vanessa has most recently danced with Dave Wilson's Parahumans Dance Theatre, Keiko Kitano, Meagan O'Shea and IDAC, and is currently continuing to train as a teacher with Arwynn Carpenter (CCDT) and Karen/Allen Kaeja. Vanessa's intensive training in hip hop soul and contemporary dance have given a unique perspective and edge to her choreography. With many years of experience in teaching a wide range of levels and ages, Vanessa has the ability to read a class and adjust material accordingly, allowing each student to have fun and be challenged. Her progressive pedagogical approach encourages students to set independent goals throughout their training. This promotes a strong work ethic consisting of confidence, motivation and initiative. Vanessa specializes in employing teaching methods that breakdown movement to their essentials, truly helping students to understand their own bodies and progress towards discovering a personal style of their own.

About Lisa Sandlos
Lisa Sandlos is a faculty member at York University in both the Department of Dance and the School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences. She holds an M.A. in Dance from York University and certificates in Laban Movement Analysis from the Laban Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS) and University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). Sandlos is a Ph D candidate in the School of Women's Studies at York.

Sandlos has been an active member of Toronto's dance community for many years as an educator, choreographer, and performer. She is a graduate of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and George Brown College's professional training program. Sandlos has danced in the work of Yuri Ng, Menaka Thakkar, Sylvie Bouchard, Eve Lenzner, David Earle, Newton Moraes, Michelle Silagy, Judith Miller, Janet Lemon, Maxine Heppner, Robert McCollum and Motus O Dance Theatre. Sandlos co-founded the group dance Continuum, which produced performances and workshops for both adults and children. Her independent choreography has been presented at the York Quay Centre at Harbourfront, Myth Productions, the 8:08 Series, the Hamilton Summer Dance Festival and in Miami, Florida.

Sandlos currently teaches modern dance technique and related subjects in the Department of Dance at York, as well as modern dance and Pilates in the School of Kinesiology. She has taught modern dance and creative movement to all ages and levels, working extensively in the public schools through the Ontario Arts Council's Artists in Education program, the National Ballet of Canada's Creating Dances program, and Learning Through The Arts. She has worked as a senior instructor of Pilates and Bartenieff Fundamentals at Second Wind Studios and Riverdale Fitness Mill. Sandlos is the founder of Modern Movement, a unique dance and movement program for adults of all levels of experience and ability. She was also the founding director of The Young Contemporary Dancers of Toronto and a board member of the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists (CADA).

For more information about Lisa's experience and qualifications, please visit her web site.

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